HillCrest Memory Foam Sensation Pillow


HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam Pillow is our evergreen product that had been selling for a decade. It is comfortable, durable and affordable.

HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam is made of shredded memory foam that promotes airflow that reduces heat from building up during sleep. It is covered with a jacquard knitted fabric to protect the memory foam layer and enhance the visual presentation of the pillow.

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HillCrest Bedding


Shredded Memory Foam Gets the Highest Marks for Support

Memory foam is an extraordinary sleep support material. Not only does it provide the firm support needed to keep the neck in line, it moves with you as you sleep so there is never a time when you are left hanging. You don’t need to wake up to fluff and reposition the shredded memory foam pillow, and unlike other types of support pillows, air can flow freely through it as well.

Shredded memory foam and regular solid memory foam pillows have many of the same attributes, but shredded goes an extra step in keeping you comfortable. Shredded memory foam lets you form the pillow to your needs, and even sleep on your back or stomach comfortably, something that can be difficult to do with a solid foam pad if it is too thick.

Removable Cover with Zipper

HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam Pillow comes with a removable cover that allow you to wash the cover while airing the memory foam pillow to ensure highest level of hygiene.

The Importance of a Supportive Pillow for All Sleep Positions

HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam Pillow is a great pillow for side sleepers. It is thick and firm, and won’t flatten as you shift throughout the night. While all sleep positions need the right type of support to protect the back and neck, side sleepers are extra vulnerable to the aches and pains of improper support at night. The space created between the mattress and your head caused by the gap between shoulder and neck makes it hard to keep your spine aligned when laying on your side. No matter how you curl up, or twist and turn, that gap will always make it hard to keep your neck straight.

Keeping the neck in line with the back is vital for anyone during the night. It is the bending of the neck that causes muscles to bunch up and swell. It can also cause the sensitive nerves in the neck to pinch and send sharp pains up and down the back, arms and legs. Improper sleeping positions also cause headaches, even as bad as migraines. HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam Pillow is firm enough to make sure your neck is held in soft, luxurious comfort at the exact angle required to match your spine. This prevents pinching and bunching, so you wake up feeling great.

Disadvantages of the HillCrest Sensation Memory Foam Pillow

All memory foam can build up an odor when packed for shipping. This may be alarming to new users when they first receive their package. It is easy to resolve this issue, and is necessary with any foam pillow on the market. Just let it air out for a few hours to allow the odor to dissipate naturally.



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HillCrest Memory Foam Sensation Pillow


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